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  • Job/ProfesiónNakayuda/Vidya
  • Estilo de combateCuerpo a cuerpo

La clase fighter no utiliza ningun tipo de arma, sus manos y piernas le son suficientes para acabar con la mayoria de los enemigos.



  • ArmaGarras de pelea
  • Estilo de combateCuerpo a cuerpo

Fighter y Akira son los unicos que tienen la habilidad de sanar a otros personajes. Su recuperación de HP es mayor a los demás. Son muy necesarios para las Partys.

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  • Main/Sub WeaponAxe/Ornamental Knot
  • Combat StyleMelee

Berserkers instill fear in their enemies with a battle axe in each hand and various grabs to stop them in their tracks.
His monstrous axes simply eviscerate
enemies, with grabs that ensure the Berserker is a threat to anyone that crosses his path.
The sheer chaos they bring to the battlefield
is a definite boon, but the heart of their power lies in his versatility.
They can shake up enemy bases, protect allies, and much more.

  • Awakening Weapon TalentIron Buster
  • Combat StyleMelee

Berserker awakens and equips a hand cannon called the Iron Buster, allowing them to bombard enemies from a distance.
The greater threat of the Iron Buster is its utility. Not only is it able to deal massive damage,
it allows this monstrous class to jump high up into the air and slam down on the ground. He can also launch off the ground using the blast of the Iron Buster to get anywhere they need to be,
and seeing this behemoth fall from the skies strikes fear into the hearts of even the toughest enemies.
Just as a Sorceress brings chaos in deception, so too do Berserkers with their sheer presence.

  • Succession Weapon Axe/Ornamental Knot
  • Combat StyleMelee

The Berserker who chooses Succession picks up his Axe and Ornamental Knot once more to brutally overwhelm his foes.
Whereas Tantu's Iron Buster helped make up for his technical weak points, the Berserker returns to honing the self.
Born with exceptional strength and physique, he takes on enemy attacks at the frontlines,
protecting his allies as both an offensive and defensive player.
Show any weakness before the Berserker, and his barrage of attacks may relieve you of your will to fight.

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